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  Thank You, 


In late January 2024- I discover something

after seeking God more. 

My ability to perform spoken word is not a gift,

but God's power working inside.

I am a servant.

Without God,


YEAR of 2024



1. Visit the website of God Stories Radio

Host: Fritz & Tina

Interview: Trigger Warnings - EP325

2. Visit the website of The Storied Human (What is your Story?)

Host: Lynne Thompson

Interview: How Neurodivergent Spoken Word Artist

Traci Neal helps the world

3. Visit the website for Shades of Strong

Hosts: Shirley Hubbard & Natalyn Bradshaw

Interview: The Intersection of Neurodivergence

& Vulnerability w/Traci Neal

4. Visit the website of Tell Me Your Testimony

Host: Kellie

Interview: The Best Option is Jesus

Traci's Testimony 

5. Visit the website of Dr. Mary Jones (Coaching)

Host: Dr. Mary Jones

Interview- talking about Traci Neal's Autism & ADHD


Audio was not perfect,

but please listen to the message. 

It needs to be heard.


YEAR of 2022



1. Visit the website of Born Unbreakable

Host: Coach Dez










2. Visit the Staying Alive UK website

Host: Michael De Groot

Interview: Traci Neal- Writer, Speaker, and Poet

3. Visit the Road To Rediscovery website

Host: Aubrey Johnson

Interview: The Faith of Poet & Writer Traci

From Scrubbing Toilets to The New York Times

4. Visit the Good Life Stories website

Host: Tracy Crowley

Interview: The Power of Poetry, Speaking

& Storytelling with Traci Neal

YEAR of 2021


1. Visit the website of The Kim Jacobs Show 











2. Visit the website of the Krista Moore Talk Show 







3. Visit the Reading With Your Kids Podcast website

Host: Jedlie

Interview: Learning Life Lessons


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