Thank You,

Non-Profits & Supporters

Year of 2021


1. Visit website of PBS American Portrait

Watch video: Now Is The Time.........By: Traci Neal



2. Visit website of Poetry Matters Project

Read the Honorable Mention

(Coaching GA students virtually)

3. Visit website of Richland Public Library (Columbia, SC)

View library page for Virtual Open Mic: Juneteenth Edition (Featured Performer)

4. Visit website of Wingless Dreamer (Storybook)

24th Contributor on page 125- Keep Flying Mackenzie

5. Visit website of The Columbia Star

Mention of winning the York Story Slam

6. Visit website of Be Great Academy

Mention on Boys & Girls Club Facebook Page (July 9, 2021)

7. Visit website of Afterschool Zone Academy (Irmo, SC)

Read children's book series to the academy (July 30, 2021)

Year of 2020


1. Visit website of Sisters Impacting Society

2. Visit website of Large International (My Original Page- Traci Neal)

(Support of Adrian Darnell)

3. Visit website of Poze Productions (Vanessa Morgan)

4. Watch on Facebook: Juneteenth Storytelling Open Mic (United Kingdom)

5. Visit website of The Church Ladies Network

(Scroll Down: Christian Poet/Motivational Speaker)

6. Visit the website of Freedom Network NOW- Hila J. Easters

7. Watch video on Facebook page of South Carolina Association of Habitat for Humanity



8. Visit website of (PTSD) Host: Pantea Kalhor