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Each month, I will be donating my book sales from Lynn Learns Lessons series to different nonprofits targeting children and teens. 

In June 2021, I began giving to nonprofits in need throughout South Carolina (targeting children and teens).

Eventually, I want to start branching out to other states!

I will no longer reveal the nonprofits I am donating to. 

What we do in secret for God, God will reward openly. 

I believe this with all my heart.


Love does not have to be loud.

Silent love can move mountains. 

Never forget that! 

If you have not read the first book of Lynn Learns Lessons series, watch the Read Aloud video. 


This was the first flipbook I created. I left out a part of the story in the flipbook. The full version of the story is available on Amazon in paperback and eBook editions.